Audiovisuelles Gefühlsdebakel

live music & visuals
Fr, 25. Oct, 8 pm | concerts at 9pm & 11pm Sa, 26. Oct, 8 pm | concerts at 9pm & 11pm entrance free

German version

The Rolltreppen von La Palma and the makers of the B-Seite are our guests for Nachtwandel 2013.
They are charming our ears and our eyes- together they are unbeatable.
We are looking forward to an audiovisual emotion-debacle made of borrowed songs, wind and palms, desire and defiant cheerfulness- not stopping at nothing. It attains like second-degree relatives, returning from a round-the-world trip bringing back Mumbay, Marseille, Tijuana, Nashville, Monnem and La Palma.
Don't try to classify it, just let it flow!

Die Rolltreppen von La Palma: Tina Donneberg (voc, acc, Melodica), Ulla Klinkhart (acc, voc). Jörg Fischer (git, uke, voc), Jochen Waibel (kb), Uli Neff (Cajon, perc, voc), Dieter Hoffmann (git, voc).
Visuals & Installation: Verein für visuelle Kunst & Jetztkultur e.V.

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