Obersalzberg (Foto: Adolf Hierzegger)

Catalog of Situations: The setting creating a difference

A Lecture Performance by Jan-Philipp Possmann
Saturday, 16th February – 5pm Sunday, 17th February – 5pm Entrance fee: 2€ language: German

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Imagine a house. In it, tremendous panorama windows, which enable the view over a world to command, cover the spaces of power. So it is in Hitler’s house, at the Obersalzberg. The windows frame the world behind and let it by this, be controllable for the look. In a picture, precisely the opposite happens: Here the window misleads our look in unknown terrain, plunges it in the deep. Is the world controllable by art?

The exhibition “Talking Territories” finishes with a lecture performance about the look of power and the window in a picture.

The Lecture Performance is part of the series Catalog of Situations by Jan-Philipp Possmann and David Weber-Krebs. In their Lecture Performances, the both of them examine their own enthusiasm or uncertainty while experiencing art. This experience is made tangible for the audience. Doing so, Possmann and Weber-Krebs become observer and objects of their own lecture.

concept & performance: Jan-Philipp Possmann
artistic collaboration: Alexander Schellow
video: David Weber-Krebs
photography: Adolf Hierzegger

The Lecture Performance was developed in a residency of zeitraumexit and is supported by Landesverband Freier Theater Baden-Württemberg e.V. funded by Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst des Landes Baden-Württemberg as well as by the Kulturamt der Stadt Mannheim.


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