Change will be terrific! Dönüsüm muhtesem olacak!

Performance by Isil Egrikavuk
c/o zeitraumexit: Theater der Welt

Monday, 26th May | 9:00 PM Tuesday, 27th May | 9:00 PM (artist talk after the show) Admission: 15 €/ 8 € (reduced price)

German version

Taksim Square, Istanbul, 2012 – The catalyst for the demonstration that created ripples worldwide and that was brutally suppressed by the police, was the planned demolition of Gezi Park to make way for a shopping centre. Thousands gathered on Taksim Square, and the riot joined the ranks of other isolated uprisings for democracy around the world, taking on a symbolic character. “Change Will Be Terrific!”, a performance by the artist Işıl Eğrikavuk, came about even before the Gezi Park protests. In a talk-show format she uses Taksim Square to explore ideas for urban and social transformation. Fictional and real people are guests on the show, which culminates in the presentation of an absurd architectural project in the centre of Istanbul: wouldn’t it be a great idea to use the central square of the city to exhibit tourist attractions from other countries, such as the pyramids from Egypt, the Parthenon from Greece, Palmyra from Syria – and thereby provide the crisis-ridden neighbouring countries with financial support? The German-Turkish rapper Fuat Ergin urges resistance: “Karar Bizim” – “Our decision”.

Turkish and Arabic with german and english surtitles.

Ticketing: +49(0)621 - 1680150 or www.theaterderwelt.de


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