By Paul Brodowsky
Remounting Friday, 14th Nov | 8 pm Saturday, 15th Nov | 8 pm Sunday, 16th Nov | 8 pm Entrance: 13 € / 6,50 €

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By car through the outback – a life-long wish of Georg and Carla. The camera creates diversion; tracks of significance are mixed in trivial clips. There was this history with Adrian. It is over for Clara but Georg does not feel the same. The conversations gain dangerous undertones; but when Clara understands how Georg is following a plan he does not know about, the dream holiday has already mutated into a nightmare.

with: Fiona Metscher and Jo Schmitt
director: Inka Neubert
video: Norbert Kaiser
set design / costumes: Linda Johnke
music: Johannes Frisch

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