Maciej Staszkiewicz

Freibad as exhibition

Via Regia
Friday 14th Jun / 9 pm (opening) Duration: 15th – 22nd Jun Entrance free

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Paths and streets have always been living proofs of human curiosity, of exchange with and learning from each other. The journey along the historic trade route, which is these days for the most part a well-built motorway, leads through four countries and marks points of encounter with simple people and places. A photographic tracking for simplicity and deceleration, for proximity to the country and its inhabitants. Maciej Staszkiewicz documented his journey through Europe for his Bachelor project at the HS in Mannheim. Via Regia describes a symbolic journey from Western to Eastern Europe. Starting at 7 pm at Raben-Engel-Odenwälder (Werftstraße 15) and leading to zeitraumexit later in the evening, where DJ Zappelfillip from Wiesbaden receives the guests at his mixing desk.

The exhibition takes place at two places in the Jungbusch, as it describes a symbolic journey for the visitor from East to West.

14.06.2013 | 19 h | Raben-Engel-Odenwälder | Werftstr. 15 | Mannheim - Jungbusch

14.06.2013 | 21 h | zeitraumexit | Hafenstr. 68 | Mannheim - Jungbusch
Eröffnungsrede: Wolfgang Sautermeister
Musik: La Route de Bonheur (Bohemian Streetmusic) / Wiesbaden & Dj Zappelfilip / Wiesbaden

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