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Young International Performance Art
Fr, 3rd und Sat, 4th July Starting time: 8pm Entrance fee: 13€ / 6,50€ (disc.)

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„frisch eingetroffen“ (engl. „just arrived“) – Young International Performance Art is the platform for young and current performing art-positions far from the mainstream. The two-day festival at the Mannheim zeitraumexit shows performance, live-art, contemporary dance as well as crossing- and in-between positions of certain genres and media. A special curatorial interest lays in innovation and originality: artistic positions exploring new formats and aesthetics, which are experimental and do not mind a certain risk.

This year, five productions from Sweden, Serbia and Switzerland will take part at the festival. The topics of the fresh talents include reflections about the identity and physicality of the own body, researches about the relationship between gesture and word, body and language, emotions and intellect as well as reflecting on stereotypes about contemporary (performance) art and artists


Friday, 3rd | 8 pm

STREAMLINED | Igor Koruga (RS) | Performance
“Streamlined”, a hybrid choreographic performance of dance, video and public speaking by Igor Kuruga explores different methods and codes of todays contemporary art world and new generations artists and their effects in a mediatized, neo-liberal and capitalistic society.
Konzept, Choreografie, Performance: Igor Koruga; Dramaturgische Assistenz: Ana Dubljević, Design: Jelena Šušnjar; Kostüm: Jovana Dimitrijević, Produktion: Ksenija Durović, Igor Koruga.


FLUID LANDSCAPES | Guido Marko,Katrine Johansen, Louise Dahl (SE) | Dance performance
In the piece “Fluid Landscapes” (Mirko Guido) the two bodies on stage explore their temporality and the constant movement lying underneath what appears to be static. By trying to uncover what lies beyond, they discover every time a new perception of themselves and a new relation with their surroundings.
Konzept, Choreografie: Guido Marko; Performance: Katrine Johansen, Louise Dahl; Licht: Jens Sethzman, Komposition: Lisa Steinberg.


Saturday, 4th | 8 pm

CTRL-V (EP) | Cosima Grand, Aldir Polymeris, Oliver Roth (CH) | Dance performance
In “Ctrl-V (EP)" of Cosima Grand, Aldir Polymeris and Oliver Roth rap-songs are dissected: Instrumentals, lyrics, body language and materials of movement are going to be decomposed and newly sampled which leads to a performative EP (Extended Play) that mirrors the cosmos of a whole culture in just one person and its body.
Kozept, Choreografie: Cosima Grand; Video, Choreografie: Aldir Polymeris; Dramaturgie: Oliver Roth; Produktion: Rabea Grand.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER | Ana Dubljevic, Milan Markovic (RS) | Performance Installation
The Performance Installation “Strawberry Fields Forever” of Ana Dubljevic and Milan Markovic is a journey to the world of the “monsters” – those “monsters” that live on the fringes of the society, that seem to be all the same: illegal, out of a contact zone, just here to work- secretly. A piece about black economy and an examination of humanity.
Konzept, Performance, Setting: Ana Dubljević, Milan Markowic.

SEQUEL FOR THE FUTURE // a dance in 2043 / a dance in 2044 | Willy Prager, Sonja Pregrad (RS) | Dance performance
“Sequel for the Future / A Dance in 2043/ A Dance in 2044” (Willy Prager, Sonja Pregrad) asks how dance as performing art will look in 2043 and how will artists dance to this. Instead of answering this question directly, the performers post their questions about the future to one young and one older choreograph.

By & with: Willyslaw Prager & Sonja Pregrad; Dramaturgy: Igor Koruga; Dramaturgical advisor: Gina Serbanescu & Jasna Žmak; Musik: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi; Light/ Sound: Victor Pequeno; Stage & Costumes: Ebba Fransén Waldhör & Fakultät der Textiltechnologie Zagreb (Davor Ivanec, Diana Mihalić, Nika Wenzinger); Assistant for props: Dora Ðurkesac; Photography: Damir Žižić; Graphic design: Tsvetelian Atanasova; Production management & PR: M.i.C.A. - Movement in Contemporary Art / Raisa Kröger, Cilgia Gadola
"A dance in 2043" is financed by the Ministry of culture of Republic Croatia and the Council for education, culture and sport of the City of Zagreb and 4 Culture/WASP Bucharest (Jardin d'Europe).
Residencies: 4 Culture/WASP Bucharest (Jardin d'Europe) and Zagreb dance center/HIPP.
Co-production: Sonja Pregrad, 4 Culture/WASP Bucharest (Jardin d'Europe) and Zagreb dance center/HIPP.
"A dance in 2044" is funded by Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin - Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten.
Supported by ACT association, Brain Store Project, HZT Berlin, Uferstudios and TanzForumBerlin.

In 2015 “frisch eingetroffen” is realized in cooperation with Station – Service for Contemporary Dance, Belgrade (Stanica - Servis za savremeni ples). The program of the festival is presented again in Belgrade in October, 23rd/24th.

“frisch eingetroffen” (engl. “just arrived”)  is sponsored by the City of Mannheim and by “Szenenwechsel” (Change of Scene), International Partnership for Performing Arts from Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with the German Centre of the International Theatre Institut.



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