Anja Wicki aus "Hast du das Meer gesehen?" Talking Territories @zeitraumexit

Talking Territories (engl.)

Exhibition: Comic/ Drawing
opening: saturday, 19th of january 2013 at 8pm exhibition: sunday, 20th of january until sunday, 17th of february open on fridays from 4 to 8pm saturday, sunday and holidays from 2 to 6pm and by agreement free admission

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The exhibition “Talking Territories“ takes a closer look at backrounds: at the settings and surroundings of comic drawings. It is the fourth time curator Tilo Schwarz presents an emphasizing comic exhibition at zeitraumexit Mannheim. Works of defining figures of the European comic scene are shown as well as those of still broadly unknown young artists.
Schwarz is interesting in the different concepts and configurations of a “narrating room” and the question, if the stories of pictures necessarily need protagonists.
Schwarz made it to get Ward Zwart, one of the attendants of the exhibition, to a special examination of the issue: The Belgian created a mural specifically for “Talking Territories” and blurs this way the borders between exhibited room and exhibition room.

“Talking Territories” shows works of:
Ward Zwart /BE
Andrea Bruno /IT
Conor Stechschulte /US
Judith Mall /GE
Anja Wicki /CH

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