Stephanie Lühn "Exit". photo: Peter van Popta

Völlig losgelöst - artists talk

with Stephanie Lühn, Otmar Wagner and Wolfgang Sautermeister

Within only four days “Völlig losgelöst“ [completely detached] hosts a German premiere, three new performances, a discussion, an artist talk and a workshop. “Völlig losgelöst” addresses contemporary ways of working in the independent scene, performative approaches and non-dusty art.

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Artists Talk

How do the venues and production houses of the independent art scene in Germany differ from those in Switzerland and in the Netherlands? Which similarities exist between the three countries? And where can one realize plans the best? We meet Stephanie Lühn, Wolfgang Sautermeister and Otmar Wagner for a talk about their performances, working conditions and professional dreams.


Kaprow bar offers snacks and beverages.

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