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Völlig losgelöst [completely detatched] - panel discussion


Within only four days “Völlig losgelöst“ [completely detached] hosts a German premiere, three new performances, a discussion, an artist talk and a workshop. “Völlig losgelöst” addresses contemporary ways of working in the independent scene, performative approaches and non-dusty art.

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Panel discussion “The independent scene in the year 2020“

In german language.

Culture is not only art. However, all art is culture and shapes a city to a high degree. Everything underlies changes, nothing is static and especially art preserves its vividness thanks to this matter of fact.

Kathrin Tiedemann (artistic director of Forum Freie Theater Düsseldorf), Florian Malzacher (dramaturge/curator steirischer herbst and artistic director of Impulse Festival 2013), and Herbordt/ Mohren (artists, interdisciplinary theatre works) discuss the artistic structures and offers in the city: How will the German independent art scene and the city theatres develop? How will international developments influence the performing arts? The discussion of such scenarios provides the opportunity to gain impulses for the development of Mannheim, so that one can engage productively in this process.

Moderator: Gabriele Oßwald (artistic director zeitraumexit)
The discussion takes place within the frame of Kultur.Raum.Stadt, city of Mannheim/Büro 2020.


Kaprow bar offers snacks and beverages.

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