Völlig losgelöst [completely detatched] - performances

Within only four days “Völlig losgelöst“ [completely detached] hosts a German premiere, three new performances, a discussion, an artist talk and a workshop. “Völlig losgelöst” addresses contemporary ways of working in the independent scene, performative approaches and non-dusty art.

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Völlig losgelöst [completely detatched] - performances

Wednesday, 7th March, 8pm

  • Gerro, Minos and Him (german premiere) 

Thurdsday, 8th March, 8pm

  • Gerro, Minos and Him

Friday, 9th March, 8pm

  • Gerro, Minos and Him 
  • Speak (premiere)

Saturday, 10th March, 8pm

  • Good Morning, Europe!      
  • Exit (premiere)

„Gerro, Minos and Him“ / Reyner, Tanguy, Marchal

Three performers shift their own bodies from loneliness to togetherness, from sensation to dance soli, from grotesque to subtle movement, from burning to shining, from shedding to rebirthing. The energy they share goes in and out, placing the audience into confusion about who is leading and who is following. The playful relationship they have is one of childhood: light, cruel, honest and passionate. Their journey passes through body landscapes. Through simultaneously poetic and violent realities.

Choreography and dance: Roger Sala Reyner, Simon Tanguy, Aloun Marchal. Light design: Pablo Fontdevila. Artistic advise: Katerina Bakatsaki, Benoît Lachambre and Igor Dobricić. Production management: Stephanie Lühn 

Production Het Veem theater, Amsterdam in co-production with zeitraumexit Mannheim and Museé de la danse /CCNRB.

Trailer Gerro, Minos and Him from aloun marchal on Vimeo.



“Speak“/ Wolfgang Sautermeister

A Performance.  / A Speak. / A Call. / Continue to speak. / Continue to speak. / Continue to speak. /So close your eyes.


„Good Morning, Europe!“/ Otmar Wagner

Karl Marx said: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.”

Otmar Wagner said: “The philosophers have been interpreted sufficiently; the point is to sing them.”
In his multimedia concert-performances, Wagner marks out spaces of thought through songs. His territories are virtual spaces – political, social, philosophical texts, topics and utopian cartographies which he radically exorcises in songs and soundscapes.
In Mannheim, Otmar Wagner will sing about Europe, the dream of a unified body. A furious evening in a field of tension between philosophy, pop and politics.


"Exit“/ Stephanie Lühn

Stephanie Lühn ventures a coup of liberation against the expectations towards a durational performance. Her weapons: Intuition and obsession.

Exit is based on talking in a continuous flow. A never stopping execution of spontaneous words. Streaming intuitive thoughts. One long lasting exhalation which is almost heading towards a dramatic fatigue. Steadily going on with thinking, asking, questioning, cheating, creating, answering, wondering, associating, non-associating, remembering, forgetting, realizing, telling, dreaming, observing. The content of the words is rather unimportant since the performative situation is not about something but  is the content itself.

Stephanie: I imagine a journey towards the unconscious, yet most personal and free manner to participate in this situation. We might simultaneously start moving further away from what we are used to, oscillating between the controlled and uncontrolled. Overcoming the limitations and traps of the mind.

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