Simon Tanguy "Japan", frisch eingetroffen 2011, Foto: Peter Empl

Völlig losgelöst [completely detatched] - workshop

contaminated bodies / shifting minds

Within only four days “Völlig losgelöst“ [completely detached] hosts a German premiere, three new performances, a discussion, an artist talk and a workshop. “Völlig losgelöst” addresses contemporary ways of working in the independent scene, performative approaches and non-dusty art.

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Contaminated bodies/shifting minds (workshop)

Friday, 9th march and Saturday 10th March, 11:00 - 16:00

In these 2 days, we'll share our interest in "Shifting" which means the capacity of the body to goes from one thing to another thing, a body as a radio-transmitter. The body as a radio-transmitter is a body  as a energetic motor which receives and send impulses, as  a place where different musicalities, memories, images, states come and go.  

We practise impulses's work  and states  to create imagination spaces that provokes journey but also on more technical aspects as the "Material from the Spine" from Steve Paxton or the use on contraction and release simultaneously. 

The idea of our practise is to find a state of mind, open, fast and reactive and a body with its own specific journey. Each participant would be able to create his/her system of physicality creating its own timing, its own space. The workshop fits very much for participants interested in choreography as we always practise the physicalities in tasks.  

These tasks design games allowing a playfull energy. The energy is a playground provoking contamination between the mind and bodies of the dancers. The game are practised in small groups and are opportunity to work performativity and composition in a same time.


The workshop offers young artists the opportunity to get acquainted with new art forms. As it concentrates on the physicality of the artist it is especially suited for participants interested in choreography.

venue zeitraumexit e.V., Hafenstrasse 68, 68159 Mannheim
times Freitag 9. und Samstag, 10. März - jeweils 11-16 Uhr
course fee 90,- € reduced price for pupils, students and apprentices: 45,- €
closing date 2nd March
information and registration Benjamin Bay: kb [at]
working language english



Simon Tanguy is a young choreographer and performer. Since the age of 18 he has been creating his own shows within a youthful circus company that performs in the street and traditional circuses. At the age of 21 he obtained a degree in philosophy at Rennes. He is passionate about the writings of Nietzsche and Epicurus (particularly his notion of pleasure). Having taken up contemporary dance, he enrolled at the Samovar School in Paris, training in physical theatre and clowning, where he developed his ideas around burlesque, buffoonery and the grotesque. In 2011, he anticipates being awarded a diploma from the Amsterdam School for New Dance Development (SNDO).

During these four years working as a choreographer, he has built up skills through the acquisition and comparison of varied experience (circus, clowning, philosophy). His physicality is an amalgam that explores intensity of movement, extreme emotional states, and musicality abruptly changing into burlesque. He brings to contemporary dance an energetic background derived from theatre and from the absurdity and openness of clowning. He has worked both as a dancer and performer for a number of international choreographers, including Deborah Hay, Ame Henderson and Sarah Vanhee. 

Aloun Marchal is a dancer, choreographer and dramatist, adopting different roles in the creation of works in the performing arts. He decided to devote himself to contemporary dance when he realized, following a Master’s in public economics at Cachan Ecole Normale Supériereure, that he had confused two essentially different objects. He understood that intellectual work enabled him to produce a kind of map of the possibility of real events occurring. He also realized that he had viewed the map as reality itself. Since then, the transition from an idea, concept or intention to its physical realization, then to its being seen and intellectually grasped by the audience, is a process that fascinates him. Aloun Marchal is based in Paris and in Gothenburg, Sweden. He regularly collaborates with Gilda Stillbäck and the members of the "Embassy Of" collective, which brings together 65 young artists from more than 45 different countries and to which he too belongs.

Roger Sala Reyner is a Spanish choreographer and dancer, and a graduate of the Amsterdam School For New Dance Development. He began working in theatre at the age of 13. In 2005 he obtained his degree in physical theatre and object manipulation at the Theatre Institute in Barcelona. Thereafter he followed varied training at the Jacques Lecoq Commedia dell’Arte, including masks, clowning and voice. In 2006, he developed his own work in Amsterdam. During his studies he danced with Steve Paxton and Jeremy Wade. This season he is working with Meg Stuart in Berlin for her new production.

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